Comrades, Not Allies

Christine O'Mahony's opinion piece in The Beacon, Allyship with marginalised groups means examining your own privilege, instigates a valuable and interesting discussion on the question of how those from 'majority' populations engage with struggles against oppression. While this discussion is not new in movements for social justice, there is certainly value in going into writing … Continue reading Comrades, Not Allies

What’s the problem with Saoradh?

On 25 July, the fascist, ironically-named Irish Freedom Party, attempted to organise in West Belfast. Their first attempt was to try a stall. The Connolly Youth Movement, the Irish Republican Socialist Party, Lasair Dhearg and Saoradh swiftly mobilised and smashed their table up. The following day they attempted to organise again, by trying to recover … Continue reading What’s the problem with Saoradh?